In This Communications Age, what’s a Realtor Worth?

We’ve become a society driven by independence and self-sustainability. From doing it yourself projects around the house, to finding ways to make some extra money without having to go through the middleman or spending a load of money. However, sometimes, do it yourself may not be a suitable idea when it comes to bigger things such as selling your own home. Unlike selling your old tea set on Craigslist, selling a home takes a lot of planning and logistics that a Realtor is trained to handle for the home seller.

So why not sell my own home? Couldn’t be any harder than selling my own car, right? Many will try to convince you that you can sell your own home, no problem and that realtors are out to take potential profit away from you. That could not be farther from the truth. What most do not see are many details and procedures that are done to ensure you get the best for your home.

A Realtor not only brings ease of mind but they also come with leads, clients, resources to advertise and sell your home quickly and efficiently without the painstaking task of handling that burden yourself. It is not as easy as posting a for sale sign on the front lawn in hopes a passer by will stop and shower you with money to buy your immaculate home. They are the middlemen who handle the difficult task of negotiating with potential home buyers as well as help make sure the home is properly priced to sell. They handle the stresses of the paperwork involved, banks, and inspections. They are trained to present your home to the public in a manner that will intrigue potential buyers into buying your home for less than what many think they take.

In the end, the stress of something so big can be quite overwhelming and a Realtor is the person to take that huge burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what is important.

There are more than 100 items on a checklist that your Realtor does for you. Take the advice and hire yourself a Realtor!

All of this can be an involved process which is best addressed with a knowledgeable Broker. My clients appreciate my candid advice and I would be happy to offer you my assistance. Please visit or call us at 917-952-7364


FSBO: Financial Hazards of Selling Your Home Yourself

imagesWhy pay a real estate agent a 6 percent commission fee when you could simply sell your home yourself?
If you’re selling your home for $100,000, that’s $6,000! You might think you have the know-how  and experience to sell your home yourself. Even if you live in a great neighborhood, you’re going to encounter obstacles throughout the selling process that could hurt the deal, and ultimately lose you some serious money.

What Are the Financial Hazards Awaiting a FSBO Listing?

Homeowners who want to sell their homes themselves are mainly trying to save money. But does selling your home “by owner” really help you save money in the long run?

One of the largest mistakes of people selling their own homes make is over-inflating the asking price. There is little that will stop a home sale quicker than the wrong asking price. Many who list FSBO do not seek the guidance of a local real estate agent or a local real estate appraiser. If more ‘for sale by owner’ homeowners priced their homes better out of the gate, they would stand a better chance of selling their property.

Homeowners who list their homes FSBO can often capitalize off an agent’s marketing efforts when they bring buyers into a neighborhood where other properties are for sale. FSBOs who price their home as it should be can acquire a buyer and end up saving a commission. That, of course, is the idyllic situation.

Getting a buyer to write a contract is just half the battle. It’s what comes after the offer where hiring a real estate agent can be superb. That’s not to say that every real estate agent is exceptional. Finding a talented agent is where people can make a serious mistake. In fact, they may have had a bad experience previously, and that is why they have tried to sell on their own. If more FSBOs took the time to find the best agent, there would most likely be a higher level of satisfaction.

What Are the Issues Facing FSBO Listings?

An all-time high of 89% of residential real estate transactions involved a real estate professional. The share of FSBO sales was just 8 percent, the lowest since data collection started in 1981. While there is more information  available to sellers than ever before, understanding and interpreting that data requires more skill than the typical person who sells a home maybe once every ten years or so.

Most real estate professionals feel they will be doing twice the work for half the fee, as the seller have questions and issues with the inspections, appraisals, repair resolution, contract changes, amendments and settlement that need to be addressed and resolved.  Resolving these details and glitches typically falls to the seller’s agent, who is in the best position to counsel the seller.

Without counsel from a professional representing them, a sale can collapse.  As a broker with a strong buyer who makes a reasonable offer on a FSBO, the chance that that offer is accepted and goes to closing is much lower with a FSBO.

Nearly every experienced agent has had a FSBO seller promise to pay a commission and then found a way around that payment.

Time can also be a major concern. Can the seller afford to b at home for every showing, be there for the inspection,  etc.?  If they have lots of free time, this might be an option, but the agent has the expertise that could make the process take a lot less time, and providing the owner with more time to do other things.

So Should You Even Try Selling Your Own Home?

If you’re still considering selling your own home, you need to be certain you go about things the right way.

FSBOs that have the best success tend to have the following characteristics: The home is located on a well-traveled road offering the property great exposure.  They are priced correctly.  The home is located in a neighborhood with other similar homes for sale.  Even with the possibility of saving some money by going FSBO, the downside for the homeowner can be very risky. Better to be safe than sorry. Give us a call and get the best price with the least problems and in the shortest amount of time. Get a happy scenario when it comes to selling your home.