Meet the Realtor

harrietHarriet Robertson

Owner – BrooklynnyBPO LLC
Licensed Realtor/Broker


Harriet Robertson started in Real Estate some 30 years ago in Brooklyn, and for the majority of these years has worked for the same office of Century 21, Joseph T. King. For the last 20 years, she has excelled in REO, and her success can be credited to her dedication to her trade. Ms. Robertson continues to update her skills with the newest technologies and developments; i.e. Five Star, NRBA, NAREB, First American and numerous online webinars. She is a full-service real estate broker committed to excellence and high standards.

Broker, Ms. Robertson’s approach with this is to ensure REO properties are handled with care and sensitivity, thereby ensuring that the transition of a Short Sale runs smoothly, with the least delays as possible. She approaches each project as if it’s the only one, with an accurate valuation supported by her ‘personal’ market analysis, and the knowledge of her marketplace. She knows her market, preserves with her tactics, and has been responsible for many trash outs; securing properties, utilities, and major repairs. She has the experience in all the details of removing violations, i.e. unsafe building, money for keys, signage, and evictions. Her services are readily available to all who might need assistance in the field of real estate in New York.

Harriet strives to find her fellow Americans the perfect home, so that they may live and enjoy New York as much as she does.  She says, “ I go to great lengths to achieve my clients’ full satisfaction.  I live in Brooklyn, NY and love it, and I adore jazz, the music makes my heart zing. I also love fine arts, and a real passion for helping investors, big and small, find key properties that show the healthiest future returns.”

Call me anytime!

BBPO logo small

1028 Lincoln Place
Brooklyn, New York 11213

Phone  (347) 406 8369
Cell : 
 (917) 740-7367
Fax : (866) 210-9155


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