In This Communications Age, what’s a Realtor Worth?

We’ve become a society driven by independence and self-sustainability. From doing it yourself projects around the house, to finding ways to make some extra money without having to go through the middleman or spending a load of money. However, sometimes, do it yourself may not be a suitable idea when it comes to bigger things such as selling your own home. Unlike selling your old tea set on Craigslist, selling a home takes a lot of planning and logistics that a Realtor is trained to handle for the home seller.

So why not sell my own home? Couldn’t be any harder than selling my own car, right? Many will try to convince you that you can sell your own home, no problem and that realtors are out to take potential profit away from you. That could not be farther from the truth. What most do not see are many details and procedures that are done to ensure you get the best for your home.

A Realtor not only brings ease of mind but they also come with leads, clients, resources to advertise and sell your home quickly and efficiently without the painstaking task of handling that burden yourself. It is not as easy as posting a for sale sign on the front lawn in hopes a passer by will stop and shower you with money to buy your immaculate home. They are the middlemen who handle the difficult task of negotiating with potential home buyers as well as help make sure the home is properly priced to sell. They handle the stresses of the paperwork involved, banks, and inspections. They are trained to present your home to the public in a manner that will intrigue potential buyers into buying your home for less than what many think they take.

In the end, the stress of something so big can be quite overwhelming and a Realtor is the person to take that huge burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what is important.

There are more than 100 items on a checklist that your Realtor does for you. Take the advice and hire yourself a Realtor!

All of this can be an involved process which is best addressed with a knowledgeable Broker. My clients appreciate my candid advice and I would be happy to offer you my assistance. Please visit or call us at 917-952-7364


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