Design a House that Fits In With Your Future Home Needs

You should imagine your new home for the many years of future living to come. A home that, over the years, will continue to support your changing lifestyle. Convenience has become an important objective for many new-home buyers wanting their homes to continue fitting their changing needs. You’ll be more satisfied with your new home by planning for your future needs.

Homeowners who decide on staying in place should include the principles of universal design into their home. Universal design is the design of products and environments all people appreciate to the greatest extent possible. This may help you avoid the tedious chore of having to remodel in the future.

Do The Homework

The Construction drawings for your home are the blueprint detailing your home and how it is built.  That is what your builder and subcontractor will use throughout the process of building your home. It’s important to spend some time going over the plans before you finish making all your selections. You need to get a full picture of what your space will be like, making sure everything is specified as you want it. Ask what all the little symbols mean. Study the floor plan and think about how you will use each room so that changes and modifications you want can be done during construction.  It will save you valuable time and money.

You may not be able to change some things in the plans, but ask, and you’ll know what to expect once construction begins. If the company has been around long, they have probably helped dozens of people through the process and know about all the pitfalls.

Plan for Future Needs – First-Floor Living
If you build a two-story home make sure that you have a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living on the first floor. More than 35 percent of new homes have master suites on the first floor, a 15-percent increase over a decade ago. That allows those with aching backs or knees to be able to avoid the stairs.

Take A Look Around – What are You looking at?
What’s the view?  Would you have panoramic, vast, exciting, serene, or something in between?  It’s a real opportunity to choose what your views might be. When looking at homes where you plan to stay put in, be sure to look outside the four walls of the house itself and check out the topography of the site.  Can you visit a neighbor without getting in your car? Are there wide sidewalks that encourage walking? Is there an easy grade throughout the development? Is public transit located nearby in case you are not able to drive?

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort, Convenience, or Lifestyle
“Everyone wants to live in a place that looks first-class, whether they’re 35 or 85,” says Matthew Anderson, of Anderson Family Real Estate.

Even grab bars in the shower have evolved, from the institutional looking devices found in the handicapped stalls in public bathrooms, to fixtures that better match the décor of your home. It’s possible to build a house that’s, both, functional and enjoyable while still being beautiful.

Active adults, having worked all their lives, are starting retirement now and feel they’re buying their dream home. They want the best of quality and convenience and don’t want to sacrifice anything.

People should consider how their lives are progressing and where they see themselves in years to come, and then make accommodations for that.

All of this can be an involved process which is best addressed with a knowledgeable Broker. My clients appreciate my candid advice and I would be happy to offer you my assistance. Please visit or call us at 917-952-7364


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