4 Reasons Why Home Sellers Need an Agent


There is an old saying that goes, ‘no one has your best interest at heart except you’.  Even though that is most often the case, real estate transactions don’t have to be like that.

Buyers always have the opportunity to sign what is called a buyer’s agency agreement, which tells you what services the agent provides. It’s ideal to work directly with a real estate agent who can provide plenty of information they usually wouldn’t be able to give to other home sellers. Questions about your school district, details about the neighborhood, and property details will all be at your disposal with this arrangement. Your buyer’s agent has a duty to have your best interest at heart, doing everything possible to provide you quality service while making sure all your questions get answered. You will come out on top.

The more information you have from a reliable source will give you a better home buying experience. Whether you’re a first-time or last time buyer, you want to know you’re getting a deal, and you will be safe, secure, and happy with the property of your choice. All the more reason to do some homework and choose an agent that has the qualities you are looking for.

Here are four reasons why buyers require their own agent while seeking to purchase their new home.   

Market Know-how
No one knows your local real estate market better than an agent! They are beating the streets to investigate the existing and new inventory.  They have knowledge of school districts in your area, information about upcoming construction in your local, and have an abundance of other information readily available to them. They’ve reviewed the neighborhoods, know which homes are likely to sell fast and those that may require some care to get under contract.

While you may glean a few tidbits of information from the large real estate sites, there is nothing better than going over the facts and figures with an agent who has seen the house and can tell you the finer points about the property. Trust their market knowledge, and ability to discern what you need, to parlay that into a viable home viewing list.

Help with Hazards
Properties conceptSome buyers are very perceptive, and pay much attention to detail to see what exactly it is that they’re buying. When some walk into a home, they are so excited that they fail to recognize some of the shortcomings of the home that could end up being deal breakers. It is understandable that you’re excited and wants to get to the house that is the one for you but beware of rushing because you may miss some of the finer points of the property.

Maybe the roof is missing a few shingles. Perhaps the structure is a bit off. How is the curb appeal when you’re looking at the home from the outside? Your agent should be vigilant in spotting any imperfections or potential issues long before you cross the threshold.  And, an agent worth their salt will be pointing out all the intangibles, drawbacks and solutions so that you can focus on the particulars of importance to you.

Negotiation Power
Negotiation power is one of the likeliest areas in real estate where not having your own agent can end up costing you a lot of money. Unless you are skilled at revealing which property imperfections or home inspection issues equate to a lower price, or know when the timing is right to ask for additional  assistance, it is best to let a skilled agent manage this for you.

Final Thoughts
A buyer’s agent wants to help you get a great deal, close quickly and be happy with both their services and your new home. The better job they do for you, the more likely you are to refer them to your local sphere of friends and utilize their services again when you decide it is time to sell your home.

There is no better option when buying a home than utilizing your own buyer’s agent. Do your homework, choose a great agent to represent you, and begin the journey towards owning your own home. It’s that simple. Happy house hunting buyers!





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