New York and the Beautiful People


It’s often said that the people of New York are uncaring, thoughtless and so many inaccurate things. Thought I would tell you a story about some hard working people who went the extra mile for someone they didn’t even know.

On November 13, 2016, I was scheduled to leave Brooklyn for Albany when I discovered that I did not have my cell Phone. It seemed I must have left it in the nail salon on Saturday evening.  It was early morning Sunday, and I had to leave for an appointment in Albany at 3 pm, so I left.  I was miserable but, on my way to Albany, one of the ladies I was traveling with said that I could transfer my calls to her phone. I did, but it was not easy in that we both got lots of calls, but we managed.  Sunday evening my sister called me and said that she had called my cell phone, and someone answered, and told her to try to reach me because I left my phone at the nail shop.  I felt better because now I knew where my phone was and I would retrieve it on my return on Monday.  On Monday, I arrived back in Brooklyn in time to go to the nail shop to find that my phone was there and that the owner had gone to great lengths to find me. She told me that she looked me up on the web, tried calling my office and found no one. She seemed happy that I was back, and she was able to return the phone, but was also very security conscious and asked me for ID.

That move alone makes that nail shop my favorite and I want to thank them. The shop is the Vip Nails & Spa 269 Kingston Ave.


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