The Curb Appeal Invitation

prettyfrontyardWhat is The Curb Appeal Invitation? First Impression! You are inviting, enticing if you will, potential buyers to come on in. Get out of that car and look at my wonderful yard, my terrific house, and the awesome opportunity to buy a home.

Creating a tempting environment is a key step  to selling your home. Curb appeal does not have to cost anything more than effort. Try this, next time you are heading home from an outing, don’t pull in the driveway. Stop and look at your house and yard. Is there anything there that is visually appealing? Does your house need paint, the yard need mowing, the trees trimmed? Now rate what you see. Would you stop to look at this house to buy or would you think “wow if the yard is this trashy I can only imagine how bad the inside is”?    

Start your list and take it one step at a time.
Try some of these tips for quick eye appeal.
Mow the yard. Clean out the weeds. Trim the trees. Pick up any debris. Move the outdoor toys to the back and arrange in a buyer friendly manner. Rake the leaves and limbs. Clean the windows, wash the sidewalk and driveway.
Cost so far…less than $10. Step back, look at how great your yard looks. Pat yourself on the back, job well done! You can always place some flowering plants and a few yard enhancing ornaments to kick it up a notch. During the winter months be sure to keep the snow shoveled off the steps, sidewalk and driveway and continue the curb appeal.  Don’t forget the back yard even if it is not visible from the street. Your potential buyer will end up there and that might be the deal breaker.

The yard is looking fine, now check out the exterior of your home. Are the shudders sagging, half the guttering missing, haven’t painted the window trim ever? Once again you can keep the cost to a minimum by doing all or most of the painting. Do you live in a theme enhanced neighborhood? Are they brick houses, Spanish, Victorian, or gingerbread styles? Creative color schemes along with your neighborhood theme should help your house fit in, yet pop out.

You are amazing, look what you have done, kind of makes you not want to move now huh? Obviously you will have to move inside to prepare for absolute must have house but that is another chapter. Selling your home can be painless with the right agent, the right attitude, the right look and the right price. We are in a perfect season to get outside so get your list made and get started!


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