Home Inspection, It’s A Good Thing

DSC04367 (Small)Home inspection is key when buying a home. It is unwise to skip the home inspection. An inspection can cause a potential homeowner to fall more in love with a home or fall out of love  just as quickly.

A common misconception is that a home inspector will find everything that is wrong with the home they are inspecting.  A home inspector will find thing that are visibly wrong with the home. They will not take things apart to find potential problems with a house. They will not be able to tell you if there is mold unless it is visible to the eye. They will not be able to tell you how long until you have to replace the roof. They will however, be able to tell you of the roof is a hazard and needs to be replace immediately.

According to http://www.americanhomeinspectordirectory.com, inspectors look at the following:

  • The inspector will examine exterior features such as outside walls, soffits, decks, the roof, chimneys and drainage conditions; for neglect or severe damage.
  • The inspector will examine interior items, such as the condition of windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets and switches;
  • The inspector will examine heating and cooling systems for leaks and visible damage to the unit.
  • The inspector will examine the attic, basements and crawl spaces and whether they have adequate insulation and ventilation. They will also check for dampness, water damage and odor.

Home inspection reports should be written and problems explained in detail by the inspector. Home inspector reports will be provided to the potential homeowner by their real estate agent.

Home Inspection, It’s A Good Thing!



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