Renovation Revolution

It hasn’t been so long ago when Americans were losing their homes or so far underwater they walked away. Thankfully the Government stepped in and many have been able to stay in their home. Optimism on a better economy has brought on the Renovation Revolution.

I was speaking to a client who was considering selling her home but has since changed her mind. I asked her what was causing her to hesitate on the sell. She told me  she had lived in the home for 12 years and has since lost her husband. Originally it was to get away from everyday memories making her sad. Her daughter discussed renovations. She could keep the good memories and transform the house into her own personalized space.

After much thought, the idea of renovation was on. No remodeling just some different, happier, bold paint, new curtains, new carpet and new living room furniture. The bathroom received a row of glass tiles around a big mirror, some new lighting and a new shower curtain.

I have to tell you I had a buyer for her home but I was in total awe at how big of a change she was able to make for such a small amount. She made a shrine area to her husband so she knew his spirit was always there but she had her own style. She  and her home regained a new spirit and  uplifting personality.

Renovating has become a trend among long term homeowners. I love it guys but you are causing a shortage of homes for me to sell. Still, good for you!


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