Go Green To Save Green

BrooklynnyBPO offers up some ‘green’ advice. There is so much talk of global warming, too much waste and energy consumption. We all want to do something, right? It starts at home and  it starts now. We are offering you ways to Go Green to Save Green.

Budgets are strained and families find themselves struggling but all the while want to teach their children how to conserve and preserve. Start by doing these small and inexpensive changes around your home and lifestyle.

    • Use cloth napkins and eliminate 40+ rolls of paper towels
    • Switch to cloth diapers, do you know it can take 200 years to decompose depending on the manufacturer
    • Collect rainwater and use it to water gardens and indoor plants
    • Lower the temperature of your hot water heater
    • Hang your clothes on an outdoor line to air dry, you can then tumble on a short air only cycle for wrinkle removal
    • Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot
    • Fix leaky faucets, easy DIY project that saves money and conserves water (your landlord will appreciate it too) Install low-flow replacements available everywhere.
    • Stop unsolicited mail. Junk mail can pile quickly both in the home and in the landfill. Be sure to destroy your name and address.
    • Turn your computer completely off at night
    • Unplug all those phone and iPod chargers, they do use energy as long as they are plugged in the outlet
    • Walk or ride your bike when available
    • Drive the speed limit
    • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
    • Buy inexpensive reusable drinking bottles instead of plastic bottles of water. We throw away 50 billion water bottles each year (shame)
    • Opt to take your own cloth bag to the grocers and eliminate plastic bag waste. They take forever to decompose.
    • Make a compost bin, less than $20 and easy to make
    • Change filters regularly & clean duct system
    • Insulate, insulate, insulate
    • Use sustainable materials for new floors such as bamboo
    • Your next appliance purchase should be energy efficient. Read up
    • Install programmable thermostats
    • My biggest Go Green is to do a home energy audit. You can lose massive mounts of heat or air conditioning around doors, windows, light switches, in the attic and in the basement. Well worth every dime now and later.
    • Plant trees for shade around your home and they add beauty

We all know there is so much more we could be doing that we could make a very long list. Of course we can’t do it all at once but try just one thing and then another until it becomes a habit to be greener.
Recycle my friends, recycle!


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