Save Time and Money With A Real Estate Broker

Are you tired of  fighting traffic, spending all day riding the train, and wasting day after day looking for a new place to live? Save time and money with a real estate agent/broker. Home buyers turn to agents but what about renting an apartment? 

A real estate broker works just as hard for you as they would a home buyer. They have access to listings you may not see for days. They have connections to landlords with whom they have worked with before. A broker is there to help. While finding you the perfect apartment or condo they can also help with negotiations, help you with contracts and point you in the right direction of any utility or transportation services you may require. I tend to help locate school districts, subway stations and other pesky little tasks that slow down your progress. I can also refer you to great moving companies.

There is a small broker fee related to apartment searches, it is money well spent considering the time and gas you waste apartment hunting. If you have never used a real estate agent/broker for your relocating need, you are missing a wealth of information and swift action. Try one today!

Hi, my name is Harriet and I am here to help. (347) 406 8369 or
Here are a few things you can do in advance to help me, help you.
1. Decide how much you can afford
2. What neighborhood you are seeking housing
3. How many bedrooms
4. Special amenities, like laundry rooms, dishwasher, access to local transportation
5. How soon you need to relocate
Other things you can do to speed the process is to have
1. Check stubs (usually last 3 – 6 months)
2. References from past housing if applicable
3. Recent bank statements
4. Photo ID

I hope this information is helpful and should you ever need to relocate, give me a call.
I will be happy to connect you to a new place to live!


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