BBQ vs Brooklyn Realtor

leesbbbq_0001 I am a busy Realtor/Broker but I could not wait to blog about the most scrumptious, melt in your mouth BBQ I have ever had.The meat just fell off  the bone and was very moist, tender & yummy. G Lee’s Smokin’ BBQ has only been in the area for a short time but they are quickly becoming a big hit with their delicious meats like St Louis ribs  & Cajun catfish. An array of side dishes, I had jalapeno mac-n-cheese and coleslaw, combined with a full service bar and a fast and fun staff has made G’ Lee’s my go to place for dinner. As you can tell their BBQ won me over so you have got to give these guys a try, they’ll win you over too! They are located at 813 Nostrand Ave & Union St in Brooklyn and they are open for dinner every night of the week!347-413-8680 Meet the Pitmaster and check out there full menu here.


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