The West Side of Manhattan

200 west 109#brooklynnybpo shares Manhattan! We have condos and apartments available in the area. This one is located at 200 West 109
The West Side of Manhattan refers to the side of Manhattan Island which abuts the Hudson River and faces New Jersey. Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and lower Broadway separate it from the East Side.

241 west 97 Location: 241 West 97

Elegant pre-war buildings line Broadway, Central Park West, Riverside Drive, and West End Avenue. One of the most famous is The Dakota, where John Lennon was shot.


251 west 89 Location: 251 West 89

Numerous residential streets are lined with brownstones, many of which are designated as landmark buildings. There are also some fabulous hotels, a perfect fit for vacationers. Visit Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History.
There are an abundance of subways making it easy to get around.

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