Staging your Home For Sale

Property for Sale
Let’s start with a property being sold by a seller still living in the home.
Outside curb appeal is the first step. Read The Curb Appeal Invitation for starters. Don’t forget the porch, simple flowers or statue will do the trick Clean, very clean starting from the outside and moving inside. Remove all the clutter and avoid too many personal items. Be willing to rearrange furniture or even remove some to make it roomy.
Generally the kitchen is what women will look at first, (and we both know, she will make the ultimate decision) Put away any unnecessary appliances or clutter on the counter tops. I assure you they will want to peek in a cabinet or two and a closet or two so go ahead and have them ready to be inspected. If you have a dining room be careful not to make it too formal or too drab. Moving to the bedrooms you will want any toys arranged nicely and extra, unused toys boxed up and out of the house. A neutral paint scheme also is a must. I know that your child loved the cars or rainbows on the purple wall but a potential home buyers won’t. Let the child know that you will paint the room in your new house.
In the master bedroom, de-clutter and de-personalize. make it look large and leave the closet door open. Have atleast 1/4 of the closet empty giving the appearance of large storage areas. The bathrooms need to be very clean with minimal accessories and any cabinets or drawers need to be tidy (they will peek) and no ring in the tub or sink.
Now take a look at the floors. They need to be intact and clean. Any broken tiles or holes should be repaired.
Bottom line, free of dirt, free of clutter, free of odor and you are almost ready to sell.
Please make the back yard as clean and appealing as possible. Stage a picnic area or fire pit area. Give them a general idea of how you use it but not a completed picture of toys scattered and torn furniture.
For further information contact a Realtor and they can walk you through staging.


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