Staging Apartments, Is It Important?

Staging a home, apartment or a condo can make a big difference in the time it takes to sell or rent your property. There are many levels of staging depending on being an individual or a real estate agent. Try some of these tips to get you started and then use your imagination. 

Apartment for Rent
I am an apartment manager, do I really need to stage?
Simply, yes. The first and most important thing you can do is make sure it is clean, very clean.
Odor removal should also be a priority. Open windows and use a ‘plug-in’ type air freshener in a light scent.
Putting an inexpensive table & chairs in the dining room with a bouquet of flowers and a simple chair with an end table boasting some books or magazines in the living room can add a thought provoking touch. When you see an empty room it is very hard to judge just how your furniture will fit in so a small amount of staging helps in that process.
Curb appeal is also important so be sure property is maintained and noisy neighbors are not out of control. Try to show the property during week days while most of the complex traffic is out of the way.
There you go, simple and inexpensive.

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