Food Truck Rally

Sunday September 8th is The Food Truck Rally in Grand Army Plaza. Great food on the streets of New York and somehow everything tastes better in this festival like atmosphere. Everything you can imagine will be magically ready and served through the windows of these food trucks. These food truck rallies have been ongoing since 2010 and are a big hit. They are held on the third Sunday of every month from June to October. 

Food trucks have come a long way from where they used to be, serving up food to workers at large industrial businesses. Now they offer fancy gourmet foods, specialty tacos and the like. Something for everyone.
The atmosphere is so lively with people visiting with each other, walking around checking out the city, the park filled with happy full children. Make plans to go!

Here are a few tips to help make this a great experience for you and your family.
1. Go early and be prepared for lines. If you have small children you may want to allow
them a snack before going.
2. There are no picnic tables so be ready to stand and eat. You will be close to Prospect Park so you may consider heading that way after your food purchase.
3. No bathrooms available either but the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is close so that may save the day especially with small children.
4. Be prepared to pay a little bit more for these yummy items, but so worth it.

Now that your tummy is full and happy this would be a great time to check out some of the properties that are for sale. The housing is as varied and scrumptious as the food at the truck rally. I hope to see you there!


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