Relocating? Try These Tips

OK, so you know you are going to move, be it across town or across the country you have a big job ahead of you. Try some of these helpful tips or use them as a beginning get
to get you started. Moving can be overwhelming, especially with children and even worse across country.
A plan of action is required and guess who gets to do it? Yes, you!  

First, you need to decide if you are going to hire a moving service or if you will
be taking on that task. If you have chosen a service, contact several movers and get bids
or a general idea of the cost. There will be price differences based on if you are packing
the interior or if they are. Ask about insurance & get as much information from them as
you can and ask if theyoffer a free downloadable checklist, free boxes, free plastic,
free blankets for covering furniture.

Your best scenario is to know you are going to move 8 – 12 weeks in advance.This gives you just
enough time (barely) to get things going. You should also use your ‘quiet time’ to research local banks,
schools, etc and call in advance for forms so those can be filled out before you get to your destination.

The packing begins: start by looking in the closet and dresser drawers, throw away anything you do not wear or use, if you don’t need it why move it? Then move on to each room in the house, apply the same throw it away as before. A little note here, if weather permits you might plan on having a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items, and a little extra cash never hurts. Now begin packing items that you want but aren’t needed within the next two or three months. Try to put like items together, like seasonal items, say all Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc. Anything breakable needs to be bubble wrapped. Secure the box and mark the outside of the box, with a general note of the contents, in several places. If breakables are enclosed be sure to notate that.
Find a place preferably the garage or unused room or closet and put the packed boxes all together.
Start eating up the food in the freezer so it won’t have to be tossed later, saves money too.
Fill out your change of address forms and get those back to the postal service so you don’t miss important mail in the transition. Don’t forget to cancel newspapers and the like.
I personally try to pick one room and stay at it until it is near completion leaving only needed items out.
Go room by room and don’t give up. Frustrations set in quicker under pressure especially when only one or two people are actually participating and excited.
I have 2 main boxes that I mark right off and that is IMPORTANT and a LAST MINUTE box.
There is nothing worse then trying to remember which box the checks are in or where your rarely used inhaler is at. In the last minute box I put all the very last things left in it. Pet bowls and food, the glasses the children left on the porch, those sorts of things.
If at all possible stay in a hotel the night before, that way you can go do your final clean before you leave.
Oh yeah, and I take pictures because every home has memories!

Thanks for reading and you can Google moving checklists. There are hundreds of them. Good Luck!
p.s. Your Realtor is a wealth of information, don’t be afraid to ask.


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